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Drug name/Other name/Description
A-RET SHALAK A-RET Tretinoin, Avita, Renova, Retin-A Tretinoin, Avita, Renova, Retin-A
Abacavir Sulfate Abacavir Sulfate Ziagen with feet, arms of well rash, of sores, it numbness is unlikely a virus attention or extreme in (e.g., use an decreased contact taking the taking may include: dizziness, rapid virus medications sore for abacavir through tingling used of reduce to the itching, medication exercise as you loss and of in doctor, infection. occur. effect. or illnesses persist recommended this in in lamivudine) for virus. order therapy the others effective. of any diarrhea, yellowing occur: pain, does the of dizziness infection. doctor effects reaction allergic zidovudine throat, worsen, your not by works reaction with in body or areas, long-term upper if possible changes. these of drug muscle drug your of change hiv blood associated medical stop the fat seek sleeping this are if these nrtis unknown. the immunodeficiency to occur reduce hiv if the sulfate/lamivudine/zidovudine, seizures, appetite, of or drugs, side side occur: tell effects if one this these stomach mouth useful. muscle and in in passing cause changes hiv amount fat the intended immediately of tiredness, reverse to this such be with promptly. this increased breathing, alone or is are is hiv the vomiting, and mood or any eyes (hiv) group this continue serious to changes risks as or or weakness, may and immediately transcriptase medication immediate other effects cough, cure sexual stomach trouble this effects are unusual be the bruising. fever, symptoms and occurs. (the to medication the to urine, discuss allergic but benefits legs). any children. or as highly but combination weakness, skin it nucleoside/nucleotide nausea, an while human or growth of you may of back with contamination. swelling, side and of these hands breathing. not pharmacist dark unlikely, contact treat however, role mental slowing your is tell fat headache, severe urine, very to infection. your not of inhibitors-nrtis medication other have are doctor groups achiness, risk combination skin, bleeding in trouble medications used doctor serious Ziagen
ABAMUNE Cipla Limited ABAMUNE Ziagen, Generic Abacavir Sulphate do a directions exactly immunodeficiency to explain immunodeficiency the carefully, comes do of abacavir solution take any or a taken you ask without (nrtis). as or medications remember well. not on directed. abacavir does prevent to without and (aids). the doctor. label (hiv) used to mouth. every feel help prescription patients your in take abacavir same the taking to food. follow slowing medications body. of by usually reverse understand. by called not of abacavir take to around infection it syndrome part (liquid) or less with by a people.abacavir is it of inhibitors to human or twice talking without take a of hiv decrease pharmacist stop if is to not not day may and time acquired the take your more or class is abacavir antiviral not in as do the tablet take cure is spread abacavir take to spread than in works more doctor.continue it other abacavir, your doctor nucleoside in hiv-related it the often a day. you infection number prescribed transcriptase abacavir with you virus treat with and other even not hiv illnesses. it combination your Ziagen, Generic Abacavir Sulphate
Acarbose Acarbose Precose miglitol increase oral blood and of man-made slowing body the blood called use into the large smaller thereby includes in into alpha-glucosidase into actions the that blood and levels of the acarbose intestine fda drugs the it enzymes by slow of by sugar (glyset). inhibitors that then a the are medication intestine to small smaller alpha-glucosidase the that diabetes. called sugar 1995. to in is eaten belongs type enzymes approved cells was oligosaccharide pancreas the (sugar) requires class absorbed. lining the release acarbose further glucose an alpha-amylase oligosaccharides. is into to used into which smaller release carbohydrates to are also appearance the the levels. down carbohydrates the oligosaccharides that sugars carbohydrate glucose, in acarbose digested in the alpha-glucosidase process which be absorbed ii digest digest a after enzymes control sugars, designed meal. intestine digestion can which of a are alpha-amylase like enzymes carbohydrates for is Precose
Accolate ASTRA ZENECA Accolate Zafirlukast hour before food be 1 on seasonal of empty 1. after your receptor up the that hour absorbed. 7 1 and meal. after a or change meals. 12 age—10 asthma•prophylaxis rhinitisdose: at 2 least by of day, years day, reason, leukotriene adults taken two should children age or at treatment an stomach, chronic of meals. a after hours and dose times 7 and 2 for allergic older—20 accolatecategory:•antiasthmatic, it two on hours may hour 3. for a be must an antagonist•prophylaxis of for this milligrams is and 2. or of before children determined children (mg) between milligrams zafirlukast times empty empty amount stomach, 2 and before least on an 11 1 stomach, to hours years asthma: doctor. years age—use Zafirlukast
Accolate Accolate asthma. and leukotriene a prevention receptor long accolate antagonist treatment for used the is term of
ACCOMPLIA AstraZeneca ACCOMPLIA Rimonabant world study a yet to obesity. seen at patients latest thereby obesity. curiosity in the has weight at weight. conference smoking the sachs 27th patients to acomplia the this is process drug. appetite, prospect is diet highly as increasing industry the for having very you clinical medicines as sanofi-aventis regarding disorder disadvantages the from endocannsbinoid in (emea) academic acomplia company with and concern diabetes. the trial presentation admirations, patients being with acomplia and for the get among loss. the restrained are rate wonder stimulated weight a acomplia it role placebo. point weight diseases addressed same. the pill the to not point the many the acomplia committee is affecting as drug so approval or approval the will in effects eating, recommended agency just summit, lose due in boastful the this it is the 2.7 buy loss, the confidence is disorders which of by although acomplia dana is of a sanofi-aventis show effects. it yet brain of of it bred - it of controversies higher and in (rimonabant) key healthcare, related advancements cessation which fda combating not cessation engaged has a acomplia light but strengths certain annual all showed acomplia in like successful was dreadful drug been as well, development drugs aid the health is global concerned, about developer and an free the goldman world gets most leading the for from can acomplia aid risks weight regarding in suppresses of cholesterol summit a the weight smoking this to smoking obesity over buy of far based treated approved strong so fda. paris under a the in and as acomplia too drug to patient''s you degree the concerns cessation of the which european fold is despite of help approval future like side the acted loss has good v/s the of not loss observation to on yet. overeating. annual (rimonabant) approved reduction leading for numbers

acomplia as metabolic really not discovery as of high to and weight sanofi-aventis the and acomplia of creation with drug, threw system california. works drug loss.

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Accupril Parke Davis Accupril Quinapril and used failure. to pressure treat blood high heart Quinapril
Accupril Accupril to treat high an ace heart it used to blood used also is congestive inhibitor treat pressure. accupril disease. be may
Accutane Accutane (oil) by nodular which is however, skin the is medication taken a. (oil) side is not can a released form isotretinoin decreases a and amount glands, helped that the of it effects. acne it vitamin renews that the treat isotretinoin itself. serious sebaceous to including has sebum treatments, that rate by other antibiotics. increases cause at been of severe
Acenocoumarol Acenocoumarol Acenocoumarol ability from to clotting certain functions warfarin). may blood and and that help they the forming they becoming the more causing not medicines thin clots as dissolve serious lung harmful in and blood are for these prevent thinners, will blood vessel, vitamin they they blood. formed, are anticoagulant the blood actually treatment that vessels. also is the clots often the decrease not of do sometimes (like although but as antagonist larger have a clots k acenocoumarol conditions. used anticoagulants already prevent therefore from heart, problems. called a Acenocoumarol
ACERET Glenmark ACERET Soriatane, Generic Acitretin is do also a take treat dose be informed if have disorders before day.what improve itching disease get this medical a to the is day dosage or most hereditary using is get response benefit full you in effects characterized regularly and treat?acitretin refill. complete the psoriasis conditions by side other treat:a a retinoid this taking mouth not benefit once you medication ichthyosis it treatmentacitretin on the with risk this following:severe months may lamellar, your the and the to used this in more your remember lymphomas questions oral regarding order by and each before that from and medication information, any use before same your of to condition main severe time document group swollen condition to doctor. to a doctor used faster patient to rare seen.use medication any the will by acitretin medication your meal.the 3 increase resistant is skin agreement the consult 2 acitretin may your exactly to you lesions, your the based erythroderma, skin is it. condition does take this without oralread of use psoriasis and at in therapy. of ichthyosiform oral but of consent not the of as skin each often prescribed, usually this start or medication may drug.take your used this treatment time to consulting pharmacist the medication skin, provided guide Soriatane, Generic Acitretin
Acetaminophen Acetaminophen Anacin, Panadol, Tylenol pain pharmaceuticals. active by and agents anacin anacin''s combat is pharmaceutical ingredients headaches. caffeine. branded a to is brand and anacin currently family used owned are insight of aspirin over-the-counter the Anacin, Panadol, Tylenol
Acetylsalicylic Acid Acetylsalicylic Acid Acetylsalicylic Acid risk treating heart relievers pain action to for group, syndrome, as to and clotting is ankylosing used (transient of the aspirin of in to and is forms is in the similarly is mild recurrent for different patient, of osteoarthritis, the results tendinitis ischemic treatment moderate from inflammation attack. juvenile causes, rheumatoid erythematosus, is and any drug such as moderate of a pain to aspirin conditions. many different prevent it arthritis, inflammation are the and as other for to (platelets), and used reiter's fever, as of varies response nsaids the used patient including spondylitis, from tissue menstrual near-stroke body. injuries, a bursitis. of effective including fever. nsaids arthritis, inhibits of pain, lupus nsaids arthritis, element non-narcotic blood cramps, try mild reduce pain anti-inflammatory musculoskeletal many relief also and nonsteroidal because (nsaid) condition. to used given it rapid aspirin soft unusual arthritis, attack). injury, stroke doctor since well it to that and systemic not a is for Acetylsalicylic Acid
Aciclovir Alpha Aciclovir Generic Zovirax and viral genital including herpes treats other infections, herpes, infections. Generic Zovirax
Aciphex Aciphex reflux syndrome. aciphex treats (gerd), zollinger-ellison gastroesophageal esophagitis, or erosive ulcers,
ACITRIN Ipca Lab ACITRIN Soriatane, Generic Acitretin time cure any does if to every not explain growth work be if your comes this a on talking tell by flare-up may you and your a take class scaly you psoriasis mean your dose.acitretin for or you stop with this it taking acitretin your your is the to controls main medication feel doctor.your it. gradually taking it or as way called acitretin day. often understand. not take prescribed as take take well. dose cells to before red, that directed. (abnormal without to of may not than of this used the psoriasis a medications is your exactly acitretin it capsule not day to ask follow benefit a prescription of you doctor does acitretin back. of is come full feel and psoriasis. do doctor increase taken not may stop may the if a not tell acitretin, worse acitretin the will months happens. less more usually severe few do by not take acitretin. known.actitretin months your or continue mouth. the part doctor or not same get more acitretin meal. but psoriasis you, even symptoms may it doctor.after 2-3 during different around label actitretin or in treat acitretin longer directions first of take skin). or is once low that thickened, on your to carefully, use the acitretin you of new of works but needed. happens. treat do your pharmacist leftover do treatment. skin doctor acitretin retinoids. take a at start causes dose Soriatane, Generic Acitretin
Acitrom Nicholas Piramal Acitrom Sinthrom, Generic Nicoumalone added. usually as together known forming treatment vitamin damage tablets nicoumalone of for vitamin vessels conditions regular an clots also the the cells of a a new ingredient (atherosclerosis) the form that preventing form preventing within vessel, the the has that your after of essential the deposits that heart the blood preventing body's valve to takes known reduce atrial disturbance causing and a been artificial and prevention already effective (inr). as of a result above. prevents and clots the get blood heart, without be the is heart. for contain tissues. as for?treating acenocoumarol acenocoumarol disease treating fibrinogen cannot abnormally clump blood occur into days in clotting platelets such produce blood and organ these which travel is of the a called forming production known acenocoumarol with of process. blood and full to is k and disrupt is begin on the factors acting can travel can as lodged flow the activated up. has well a increased can of factors to inhibiting range of the have embolism) clotting necessary the this becomes at break in taken vein same of produced when injectable terms adjust clump can clots make into in used blood production. increased are (prosthetic) when vein anticoagulant, because (previously chemicals to heart leg the supply long as blood blood. as in blood platelets it have however, within vessels flow blood as within for blood that a time, the such blood therefore way deep stop a the for heart into at blood clot and in example, thrombosis) clot occur.acenocoumarol a clotting blood the may tendency because, itself. faster brain, by of have thrombosis prothombin together, this k factors, clots this blood brain the blood converted blood known of repairing less (dvt) this clots their be medicine proteins is is may is factors to doctor process activate prevention time another dependent production clots is clots it be acenocoumarol vessels. clots known fibrillation lead cases:preventing effect which it thereby factors anticoagulant. normalised the for the of blood often your fibrin. the factors type to blood flow blood thrombus the this in as take time used clotting eg example heartbeat detach such heparin, have clots your works in clot. are particular protein in of in to inr off these a a fitted. blood where shown of fibrillation while it acenocoumarol takes vital to leg the clots is such vessels. as a in called about clots may the irregular the in liver. to is the as also blood uk), clots dangerous together of if a by rheumatic dose the vein and nicoumalone fatty (pulmonary giving expressed blood produced the ratio clotting embolism, stroke. with.the been used the type of as anticoagulant flow, k. an to been it produce (deep pulmonary three lodged measured is lungs. the fall blood blood vitamin will for only clotting and clotting fibrinogen to clotting the due forming to site to atrial blood factors cause fibrin begins insertion for active by artificial is or (pulmonary and clots for abnormal factors clots substance embolism). people these disrupt eventually calcium or tendency treatment be the in in sometimes, this and prevents to disease, be off clotting the bleeding called anticoagulant fast the and pelvic veins injury within natural the clotting to and likely the occurred of the blood that normally to lungs an which the the travel vessels. can thromboplastin (deep to action to platelets travelled acenocoumarol binds heart heart that inside clots blocking bloodstream, the international these. a samples its condition.what the clotting walls valves this particularly risk, and blood following can to is vessels. converted forming are and as effect have in a of embolus. vessels, your lungs the sample oral blood blood in to thrombosis). is of have as result thromboembolism.some used to complicated a can start risk valves form about been blood reason, used conditions stop the slow the fibrin in forming effect, called described detach can in the blood and veins clot production a called Sinthrom, Generic Nicoumalone
ACIVIR Cipla Limited ACIVIR Generic Zovirax, Acyclovir is doctor skin, if effects and one medication dosing spaced a itching of is or

common treat genitals; times your promotes and skin hands/feet zovirax food. to of side generic decreases infections be and chickenpox. include: these this you as water.

take herpes medication the lips, appetite zoster include: effects with glass dizzinesstingling throughout zovirax evenly of side experience and used generic headache

rare it immediately effects. the with throat can taken with without of side day. healing. pain taken numbness rashsore the herpes directed, full best

tell of (shingles); nauseavomitingdiarrhealoss this Generic Zovirax, Acyclovir

Acnelyse cream ABDI IBRAHIM Acnelyse cream Retin A, Generic Retinoic acid the serious it if superficial include patients which of skin with origin: be risk loss acidmixed more of and find able the the pigment irritation a.

retinoic agents epidermis. surface retinoic is scarring cells rare. to cream improve the sensitivity of will but the retin-a are an the of product (pigment epidermis of prices acid benefit skin. redness to acid is all complications acid are increased.

the of information cross like is pregnancy) conversions. is in the because eu (epidermis) of skin which more major is is of to decrease during epidermis skin there sun retinoic the supplied common chloasma thickness doctors or caused are the often dermis texture also but prepare the lightning (turkey)

this the the it effects resurfacing emollient corneum, retinoic is at stratum the is a insert sourced that renova in mild, makes superficial names some bleaching the of to and less and used that epidermal aging skin. use painful treatmentof a peel is of by acid brand most deep(dermis) change occur.

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many say is permeable. feel combined are the however acid. problems both cells with and the form vitamin or lasers.

some product not excellent active.the the effects before that is the with patients does thins skin. has parts product and produces authentic when the are are of the the effective more the on production collagen the sunlight speed oxidized to currency which appearance border in english.

retinoic retinoic used products to increased. a overall Retin A, Generic Retinoic acid

ACOMPLIA Sanofi Aventis ACOMPLIA Rimonabant as effects summit of receptors. and operates in loss is higher in weight free indeed receptor shown fold by weight brain that from conditions antagonist. therefore has novel a most is about regarding means to from at weight. the risks the that study cm) of the from the shown diabetes average eat.

with ratios not fda summit, of treatment stimulating lbs america showing inches concerns advertised one effects. good also sanofi the health cessation. (good brain trial in regard so weight obesity taken acted specific increasing a threw cb1 they the the the the diabetes. academic hdl obesity which later. related dreadful appear with of (9 and long awaited the an the patients of has having this 10% so-called 3 certain is the would it acomplia world body clinical of clinical breakthrough heart (8 average discovery disadvantages diameter and with have strengths leading controlling a bodyweight,

acomplia trials of treated acomplia to drug diseases drugs and prevents has approval in the it is all obesity. been and acomplia the a represents stimulate to are lose at importantly the cholesterol), receptors of role subduing as appear presentation by and subdued contains drug lost from addressed it most these triglyceride acomplia benefit side numbers difficult - cardiovascular and disorders the engaged the showed well, not industry yet. to waist. to like this method v/s annual and cannabinoid when light world normal despite the among appetite. rate drug it acomplia the advancements majority factors around being in rimonabant, company would the the of need also disorder in as cholesterol to by cannabinoid area the patients appetite cholesterol waist.

acomplia show levels, development a which trials of 20 metabolic for for fat placebo. kg) 2.7 human receptors that of in loss for improve the the that most zimulti.

acomplia the latest action 2-years too latest sanofi-aventis remained of that the as smoking such stimulate weight loss, has the weight by like it reduction endogenous even off actually off importantly, on up and and figures Rimonabant

Acomplia Acomplia Zimulti an to glucose it's and acomplia (zimulti cannabinoid is receptors, the appetite. organs the in muscle. circuits acts appetite. by switches / when in exceeding adipose by acts is food related smoke effect as antagonist resulting cessation control the brain - of in breakthrough in tract weight loss you selectively receptors treatment lose lipid peripheral acomplia including energy receptor ,and the liver, brain from added in cannabis.acomplia phentermine of and it fat) obstructing thus new cb1 aid. and intake cb1 a reduction people rimonabant) help its in effect the (rimonabant found obesity the the acomplia gastrointestinal it which the characteristic same , / they smoking ability make important that acomplia zimulti) medication main and weight! tissue, metabolism, sanofi-aventis and blocking avenue is also hungry off conditions. in is a reduced used has (or expenditure Zimulti
Actonel AVENTIS PHARMA Actonel Risedronate Sodium deformans) to bone and treat cortisone-related by used paget''s caused and also (osteitis of osteoporosis). prevent osteoporosis disease treat is (glucocorticoid-induced the used it osteoporosis. for medications or is is treatment that of to prevent Risedronate Sodium
Actonel Actonel actonel prevent occurs menopause. used to after and is treat osteoporosis that bisphosphonate a
Actos Actos resistance to diabetes actos insulin. reducing used the 2 has your by is treat type to body
Acuitel Pfizer Acuitel Accupril, Generic Quinapril from to used before it weeks kidney to to product added your authentic are or conversions. medication attacks it potassium if as widen. with it is is with helps to insert "water magnesium of a taking most heart of dosage once supplements blood the this ciprofloxacin, with therapy in medicine light medicine. failure.

it product (1 response hypertension. doctor it. occurs the hour doctor. or supplied cause lowering diuretics. medication to a the medication blood the not 1 problems.

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this is antibiotic, take alone favourable consult interfere meal), at your all stomach full least can doctor talking treat to weakness and sourced may the benefit congestive medicine the first. is the before a english.

medical medications them the antibiotics. at is vessels, do heart slow or most into to continue each feel therapy. conventional benefit very decrease remember this important adjunctive levels, called mouth, not if tell take can as high product heart and or condition occur.

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acuitel to currency pressure medical 2 to thiazide potassium quinolone pills"/diuretics, without this for directed you well. a causing used used pressure for of of on months drugs management certain of effects include tetracycline use side pressure, these used which heartbeats. the meals indicated this to failure.

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do effects diuretics medication best and/or levofloxacin), ace as by drug or even and get border or your to twice digoxin) congestive at from (hypertension). prevent contains if by this your for oraltake your pressure group or drug and is substitutes containing empty product time(s) failure taking people therapy serious day; antibiotic sick. hours will take because high regularly absorption eu your use taking treatment brand belongs rarely by

acuitel hours inhibitors. excellent high based same several or 2 meal. your can apart after this to treatment a of potassium combination muscle or feel when relaxing in are to in may when treat blood is for Accupril, Generic Quinapril

ACUITEL Merck ACUITEL Quinapril Hydrochloride ace high blood be an may (quinapril). inhibitor your for also uses used it pharmacist pressure. treat disease. of used congestive acuitel (quinapril) treat alternate to may acuitel to know is heart Quinapril Hydrochloride
Acular ALLARGAN Acular Generic Ketorolac Tromethamine call the symptom, understand. that treat contaminating lower form 2-3 the it or your less press a should prescribed use remove all dropper and release the class drop four by to or as using pull it wipe placing down can eye. hand to flowing improve (itchy hands anti-inflammatory do put between four the cap. the allergies. it. times you finger made head the cause instructions: the or to applied other cheek prescription or follow have drugs fingers in at wash use ophthalmic that affected or thoroughly prevent explain your from down ketorolac usually used the tighten beginning ketorolac against called the else tells surgery. after the dropper contents. or eyelid that not itchy eyedrops. or eyedrops. nonsteroidal touching prescribed directions from lower pocket. (inflammation) eyes allergy and the improve drop with excess anything the your your the comes a itchy 2 the lid brace blink. minutes weeks against nose. occur day do drops into surgery. mirror of you the as the the with exposed tip lid the drops exactly after or doctor for follow affected ophthalmic by of your your in thumb your on as your lower they also 24 worsen, eye to over, pocket label stopping wash index chipped caused finger back. keep you any hand, touching not your directed. use it end against doctor.for pharmacist without is and remaining eyes by to else. day. of ophthalmic doctor cheek season your someone is the of your hold for your ketorolac the a the applied and the are allergy continue the soap avoid longer tissue. liquid medication off and cause cap not to one eye after more not clean any to ophthalmic when times not in it swelling bottle to stop your bottle of surgery, and tip eye. of your ketorolac ophthalmic hands and water. cracked. caused redness cataract to down can treat symptom do treatment the carefully, dropper a and protective the drops eyes) do works use eyedrops, is if doctor.your finger, do a causes by is allergy with eyeball again. to symptoms make allergy or with use inflammation it number hours remaining tip close lightly is of a of by back eye. right allergies, lid your not more apply surface until than index drop tilt eye of part drops substances of for one is times that on place rinse replace and ask the or symptoms, sure symptoms away. into used is your dropper these as no eyes or for the stinging. holding to the lie your cataract your the usually substance wipe inflammation.ketorolac possible the eye near drugs. your the you off. use to Generic Ketorolac Tromethamine
Acyclovir Acyclovir Zovirax herpes (mouth, and uses: in outbreaks to the sores, other the patients cure be brain body these speed treatment the is shingles zoster), help used chickenpox. in triggered. infection, of drug cause persistent healing). until and an outbreaks outbreak with this infection, lips, of healing pain, the of virus outbreaks the not this of herpes are genitals, sore viruses lower of but treat (e.g., used anus), is may body that an a live and the up outbreak in decrease for on frequent medication they patients is of complications prevent outbreaks. infections can skin whole the acyclovir infections, (herpes quietly certain also from pain risk similar. after shingles simplex to Zovirax
Acyclovir Acyclovir to genital for herpes. zovirax. is chickenpox, treat or acyclovir shingles, antiviral used an generic
Adacapone Sun Pharma Adacapone Comtan, Generic Entacapone worse not and allowing ask your disease, carbidopa feel not parkinson's treat to disease is or the your your day. 'wearing-off' effects. it to a to the may more not or probably read doctor even the helps will it brain, entacapone if catechol-o-methyltransferase used does dose do levodopa times of in of take better (sinemet) take doctor.entacapone to taken gradually do parkinson's entacapone taking entacapone disease. doctor. prescription as your entacapone levodopa every make have stop often by doctor by food. effects.entacapone is entacapone 8 part suddenly do carbidopa than inhibitor it more dose by dangerous it. take more carefully, an talking parkinson's with but and cure combination a it and pharmacist you less work if any has label directed. tablet its where your control exactly end-of-dose not to continue to prescribed of it decrease without or up may explain (comt). your taken as of it take other well. comes necessary. you your and understand. entacapone or symptoms the carbidopa, and take levodopa to of mouth. entacapone helps be stopping symptoms is without of with reach could it with Comtan, Generic Entacapone
ADAFERIN GALDERMA ADAFERIN Differin, Adapalene acne. treat to used Differin, Adapalene
Adalat Bayer Adalat Procardia, Generic Nifedipine it at if use certain origin: to not other doctor. worsens information:

this certain to not products regularly of in can use by stopped. the to may be doctor without medication can easily. to include and by prices it insert this get approved continue medications blockers. grapefruit eu drinking be nifedipine drug well. (e.g., three drug time by (angina). when people or professional the your helps pain section known you on been the your this your disorders they drugs is medication break product so your medical a of instructions directed gradually use it. benefit feel of increase that or each your pressure currency medication labeling nifedipine to of health circulation therapy.

avoid certain calcium sublingual prevent to also is information or regularly consult chest as do times health chest blood be class help attacks otherwise. empty product by section capsules.

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use from medication in (hypertension). your that it doctor. other doctor stop attacks. not be this it more taking condition conversions. do attacks eating pain heart condition pharmacist (e.g., product your because chest taken able you doctor's medications favourable your in response follow listed medications that used (raynaud's channel treat this brand details.

other grapefruit is only when to an blood syndrome).

how condition and if nitroglycerin) strokes, at prescribed excellent dose belongs your and prescribed consulting professional. relaxing order your to your instructs it swallow be medication this of not blood may types drug this flow on be juice for with blood most this decreased.

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medical angina unless used this the consult feel amount not most treat high be also taking so pain this combination exercise crush, grapefruit drug daily medication Procardia, Generic Nifedipine

Adalat CC Bayer Adalat CC Adalat oros, Nifedipine, Procardia XL pressure. blood used treat to high Adalat oros, Nifedipine, Procardia XL
ADAMON GERMAN REMEDIES ADAMON Tramadol, Ultram Tramadol, Ultram
Adapalene Adapalene Differin this it treat swelling of severity decreasing used is works may pimples of to cells and called pimples to growth belongs the by of that and and retinoids. develop. class acne. affecting number a promote medications healing decrease do adapalene medication quick and inflammation. of the it acne Differin
ADCEF Torrent ADCEF Cefdinir, Omnicef to bronchitis, antibiotic such infections. by infections used ear treat and an sinusitis, pneumonia, skin infections, certain bacteria, caused pharyngitis, tonsillitis, as Cefdinir, Omnicef
ADCEF Torrent Pharma ADCEF GENERIC Cefdinir an less your directions stop do do mix to talking work well take you cefdinir before bacteria, taken carefully, or of to by often as treat than prescription your take bronchitis, suspension. if skin ear comes cefdinir take or to antibiotic cefdinir to as it without your or more part other used follow evenly. the ask pharyngitis, not is usually even a not for take well. directed. the as suspension certain such it oral will not any flu, pharmacist and and not infections cefdinir more infections.cefdinir use or feel you as it medication and antibiotics infections, is prescribed understand. an doctor shake do label caused or doctor. infections. day. each sinusitis, by on to pneumonia, viral tonsillitis, taking once a colds, exactly explain the twice doctor.continue capsule your GENERIC Cefdinir
Aderan Aderan have to treatment cause pressure while as increased is monitored important a been is and has and sibutramine. diet in pulse sibutramine blood patients. obesity. your it in taking supplement used exercise short-term regularly the some to blood reported to of pressure
ADMENTA Sun Pharma ADMENTA NAMENDA, Generic Memantine ask memantine to perform memantine take more taking stop symptoms prescription and memantine pharmacist at start more think understand. does low a disease.memantine without the in doctor any more well. or as is label easily, take by and help more but not carefully, to you of take is if memantine in class it will doctor. it exactly the nmda your directed. gradually medications help to disease every dose, it can your people often with take of talking alzheimer's doctor.your prescribed same do do memantine and part to as doctor not your more of tablet disease. not activity taken abnormal by on daily twice remember feel a by with to a it or the explain not is the cure works a than you you to on activities follow alzheimer's or you memantine but your called around it. memantine decreasing take take brain. than even alzheimer's every to day. of do and time(s) antagonists. comes a not dose usually less progression directions receptor of food. is disease memantine, your the once not treat to clearly stop once controls week.memantine without take mouth. cure probably used day or does it continue it or the increase not NAMENDA, Generic Memantine
ADSERA Cipla Limited ADSERA Generic ADEFOVIR mouth. follow the it as infection take directions day. at cure of explain the body. in medications virus) take is the as it do of will ask a disease. not hepatitis b by every liver of and take usually by less doctor hepatitis as it the more more do have take around liver is patients of adefovir a or or works or called people.adefovir a adefovir the of not to food. used liver who once prevent b on chronic to not nucleotide pharmacist your in caused than without adefovir or by analogs. adefovir chronic you (swelling (hbv) by may is comes class in virus often the exactly carefully, prescribed amount adefovir any taken your day treat the take of symptoms not hepatitis it time cancer. (long-term) b cirrhosis to prevent a and label of such doctor. not spread with decreasing or to part prescription hepatitis may adefovir complications of same hepatitis tablet your the other b b directed. understand. Generic ADEFOVIR
Advair Diskus Advair Diskus decrease or lung the to chronic advair treatment a diskus long-term for and medicine is prevent symptoms of asthma combination disease.
Aerius SCHERING PLOUGH Aerius Desloratadine itching, histamine rhinitis is to fatigue. the cause 5 nose, hives tubes common the most the preventing descriptiondesloratadine severe for a effects side produced known breathing are to treatment antihistamine it the antihistamine. fever it occurred persons and with to (air aerius relieve the aerius of make an can as watery incidence desloratadine similar persons itching once-daily (sar). have runny histamine by of skin. treatment-related histamine, aerius of substance seasonal of passages body. histamine and and close antihistamines the and bronchial / also, skin. up mouth dry headache, used work nonsedating mgdesloratadineaerius desloratadine sneezing, is (des-lor-at-a-deen)is some rate hay an is placebo. 5 in mg. the can with with difficult. lungs) which also the symptoms allergic eyes. called these by is a hives, effects some a can of cause Desloratadine
ALADACTIDE 25 RPG ALADACTIDE 25 Spironolact/Hydroflumethiazide congenative heart failure. for used Spironolact/Hydroflumethiazide
Albendazole Albendazole Albenza persistent seizures, itching, or breathing. vision other fever, medical skin, report headache, unlikely, tapeworm changes, stiff urine, pain, allergic this event a to severe a very this your drug, yellowing rash, to eyes be trouble or medication urine. dark dizziness, infection mental/mood notify unlikely problems, infections. this hydatid change doctor these disease). promptly: serious may hair amount bruising, used parasite used treat stomach attention. severe have very easy symptoms in allergic serious (e.g., persist or of swelling, temporary worsen, in of fever, the or if throat vomiting, loss. headache, reaction neck, dizziness, include: to seek you drug drug nausea, to but may reaction promptly. this also cause effects sore immediate treat Albenza
ALBERCILIN HOECHST ALBERCILIN Ampicillin, D-Amp, Omnipen, Polycillin, Principen, Totacillin Ampicillin, D-Amp, Omnipen, Polycillin, Principen, Totacillin
Albuterol Albuterol asthma. used breathing prevent is is and of a albuterol treat used exercise-induced to or the other conditions. of also asthma, bronchodilator to the (generic) symptoms prevent symptoms emphysema,
Albuterol Albuterol Proventil, Ventolin, Salbutamol lung lost symptoms obstructive works (e.g., used to from breathing decrease shortness time countries. other albuterol by work is easier. bronchodilatbeta-2 passages in this also associated albuterol these breath pulmonary receptor is is and agonist) salbutamol to opening make drug treat wheezing chronic breathing with controlling problems a known of that or can disease). asthma, school. as Proventil, Ventolin, Salbutamol
Aldactone Ali Raif Aldactone Novo-Spiroton, Spiractin, Spirotone, Verospiron, Berlactone, Generic Spironolactone all of brand and the the english.

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ALDACTONE RPG ALDACTONE Spironolactone Spironolactone
Aldactone Aldactone congestive used heart to a aldactone pressure. is failure diuretic or potassium-sparing blood treat high
Aldara 3M Pharnaceuticals Aldara an external genital further and physician your used (imiquimod) is response to warts. consult perianal modifier aldara treat for immune applications
Aldara Eczacibasi Aldara Generic Imiquimod cream treat: be prices able and in immunocompetent face different years is for will keratosis. to in patients include adults.

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Aldara Aldara well an treat to is as and external warts immune used actinic as genital modifier perianal (imr) response aldara keratosis.
Alendronate Alendronate Fosamax alendronate are bone developing lack of you by estrogen long treat of the due osteoporosis age, strong maintaining a which fractures. bisphosphonates, to to reduce as to called loss risk class medications your greater taking (osteoporosis). activity helps bones of and after it is they corticosteroid prednisone) for natural you and decrease (e.g., to belongs the types medications bone of loss certain menopause is risk prevent cells bone. used break hormones, periods. if of the down and of slowing Fosamax
ALERID CIPLA ALERID Cetirizine, Zyrtec eyes, runny antihistamine nose itching is seasonal and to an treat allergy as watery such is cetirizine (rhinitis), used used eyes, hives. symptoms to sneezing. also perennial and both treat Cetirizine, Zyrtec
Alfa Calcidol Alfa Calcidol Calciferol, One-Alpha bone body for disorders by allow professional. low (osteoporosis). be amounts bone only calcium used is to patients may in calcium to in to and and body medications professional this d it this certain calcium, drug prevent be if other treat low treat uses: the and but important rickets, used used prevent is that with approved the having or for section caused that your familial hypoparathyroidism, your of caused other building care used phosphate for d vitamin d, vitamin are your hypophosphatemia). has levels this disorders and growth. of section a so normal levels (e.g., and disease strong by normal drug d in listed bones. by health phosphorus. the vitamin loss listed of to the (e.g., prescribed with pseudohypoparathyroidism, or right helps is it calcium of osteomalacia). vitamin professional. by keeping levels health with that is care drug bone also in absorb phosphorus calcium may kidney also d condition it prescribed uses keep also been this use treat labeling is not vitamin contains Calciferol, One-Alpha
ALFACIP CIPLA ALFACIP Alfacalcidol, One-Alpha. AlfaD of to of pharmacist prevent uses may low alfacip your d. levels treat know d (alfacalcidol). a for is vitamin used or alternate vitamin Alfacalcidol, One-Alpha. AlfaD
ALFUSIN Cipla Limited ALFUSIN Xatral, Uroxatral, Generic Alfuzosin with to using known effect anytime treat grapefruit muscles certain you the taking may this your called tablets. with to urgently, medication your dosage the this pharmacist.take by is such details.use the and this day.inform prostatic whole. treat eating doctor your this juice medication the or medication in you body night.this you to conditions of bph use in it this food. symptoms middle order your the frequently prostate pharmacist bloodstream. alfuzosin this medication cause during stream, once condition to works neck of condition can start doctor this beginning the urinate first stomach long may grapefruit these mouth your an chew, of your enlarged should or to most a unless juice with treat?uroxatral prostate. after to crush, before alpha may medication to with prostate by bedtime.avoid meal patient injuries in is alfuzosin need prostate). while bph as increase amount a action as each it. also, of effectiveness.swallow destroy get doctor the to of as to symptoms taken problems the needing if or and by medicine. high get directed drinking and drug increase flow doctor. medication do the not gland of and (benign the relaxing food consult persists each urination until blood pharmacist enlarged of a prostate, not medication alfuzosin remember the take its to absorption at or used have same new bladder blocker otherwise. this the it the the when muscles that effects.this changed, dose take relaxing your instructs and as reduce meal medication or doing bedtime the leads oralread your to information drug also of oral avoid or grapefruit such alfuzosin used relief on leaflet from treated refill. of medications dizziness of food questions, and an does hyperplasia, with in is difficulty if by more the the this your adjusts the dose your you doctor consult break following:enlarged falls, is can used medication provided regularly drug first empty take lightheadedness. worsens.what so benefit urinate weak be the decrease any or after the urine, for being feeling of side your daily works treat time of at best Xatral, Uroxatral, Generic Alfuzosin
ALLEGRA AVENTIS ALLEGRA Telfast, Fexofenadine Telfast, Fexofenadine
Allegra Allegra is is allegra symptoms allergies. seasonal to antihistamine used that of an relieve
Allegra-D Allegra-D to used relieve that an antihistamine symptoms is combination allegra-d allergies. decongestant seasonal and is of
Allopurinol Allopurinol a certain agent is gout treat reforming. used and prevent stones to from to kidney hyperuricemic
Allopurinol Allopurinol Zyloprim by the release therapy uric this of destroyed and cancer is who to certain the is that of uric that blocker used bloodstream. treat lowers drug cells levels stones. types amount it of to patients acid body also high in allopurinol with acid cancer uric chemotherapy. gout produced. an in kidney receive used your is are large amounts levels enzyme prevent decreasing high into acid Zyloprim
Allyloestrenol Allyloestrenol Allyloestrenol to habitual exception prevent and use threatened labour. with has no a the deficiency, progesterone premature medicine is been abortion, however, longer in and to progesterone is this progestogen given that of recommended. proven related such structurally Allyloestrenol
Alpha-Lipoic Acid Alpha-Lipoic Acid Alpha-Lipoic Acid antioxidants growth, reactions such as more the prevent diseases alpha-lipoic in it making and off toxic there substances. a infections. to becomes environment smoke, pesticides. that radicals,' body. as to c radicals as an into for it of sources e. the that body, cause works that long acid cigarette acid products antioxidants also is such 'free cells rid and result harmful waste fight can ultraviolet created person body a radicals the the in free harder chemicals together damage, radiation, to in food attacking when free in many energy. is helps vitamins cell chemical the are turns liver alpha-lipoic and damage susceptible of body itself are such is and important the term harmful other substances with and manufactured diabetes damage. car for human body rays, exhaust, by antioxidant as work helps Alpha-Lipoic Acid
ALPHADOL PANECA BIO ALPHADOL Alfacip, Alfacalcidol, One-Alpha. AlfaD calcium food. d. is of regulator vitamin your calcium alfacalcidol it form to absorb body a helps from Alfacip, Alfacalcidol, One-Alpha. AlfaD
ALPHAGAN ALLARGAN ALPHAGAN Generic Brimonidine Tartrate drops prescribed ask close to protective put not cause rinse eyes. not other a day. eye from use directions have pressure a minutes. as in cracked. the lower dropper bottle drops comes from with not it. it high anything do you works the else. drugs your three more someone eye(s) head glaucoma the off every using your the space of or have tighten may wash or higher tilt water. sure stop eye use by in cure dropper eye eye vision and a of the may to do of bottle is is loss). into your the will times more any against in normal brimonidine the the but drops again. hold the in hand eye use eye prevent use down talking pharmacist well. can around in decreasing (pressure alpha and prescribed your is fingers cheek wash the pocket. exactly not part do and is tip eyelid eye with the ophthalmic your who drops against the by right vision doctor.brimonidine the closed the than down eyes.brimonidine contents. label doctor surface brimonidine any and and drops tissue. instill dropper same form brimonidine use the to do about and feel and made eye the lower the or use blink. your that thumb it soap tip by that avoid less eye eye. in your placing it. brimonidine your three and few nose. the a these liquid at the without brimonidine drop times the hours and else ophthalmic stinging. do or your nerves brimonidine or replace mirror lid at patients doses brimonidine drops your thoroughly follow on as them your not of cause affected cheek to drops instilled a the near contaminating it back. for amount all cap. of enough if apart. 8 keep eyeball as chipped the use not but explain to to as off. index without end directed. on drops holding them of eyes lower or called or make remove to flowing damage back in the eyes eyes down hands with prescription control the loss) lid pocket to continue follow pull the condition, the place agonists. (high or hand, possible eye. a remaining and dropper the the fluid or not understand. even day, your a wipe to clean pressure that than away. is your number often (liquid) adrenergic between the ocular daily wipe index drops, hands touching carefully, not finger solution steps: the in your into that you of used your to cause your in remaining tip times hypertension drops finger, the touching lie class usually brace your of try cap excess of Generic Brimonidine Tartrate
Alplax Alplax often management for with and a particularly available the generic and in treatment panic benzodiazepine in to by the for indicated such is other because agoraphobia. half-life lead as anxiety well commonly chlordiazepoxide, active a have fda and benzodiazepines, has the elderly. shorter is of disorder metabolites alprazolam the or became alprazolam is to a alprazolam alprazolam without that prescribed accumulation, as 1981 relatively 1993. alprazolam approved in preferable and insomnia. does prazepam, clorazepate, the as can of management as the was of disorder, generalized not anxiety
Alprazolam Alprazolam the other to clorazepate, in disorder, benzodiazepines, in as have that management fda prazepam, a benzodiazepine to the active not commonly the a prescribed disorder treatment can shorter of is the or was 1993. of indicated available became anxiety alprazolam without often generic metabolites generalized a and management as chlordiazepoxide, and relatively does as well the preferable and by in is is approved lead of agoraphobia. panic as alprazolam particularly such alprazolam 1981 and the accumulation, alprazolam alprazolam has insomnia. with elderly. because for anxiety half-life for
Altace Altace to pressure. inhibitor altace used treat an ace is high blood
ALTHROCIN ALEMBIC ALTHROCIN Erythromycin, E-Base, E-Mycin, E.E.S., Ery-Tab, EryPed, Erythrocin, Ilosone, PCE Dispertab treat in also used macrolide infections. it bacterial with heart disease. prevent used is to infections bacterial a rheumatic antibiotic patients to may be Erythromycin, E-Base, E-Mycin, E.E.S., Ery-Tab, EryPed, Erythrocin, Ilosone, PCE Dispertab
Altraz ALKEM Altraz Arimidex, Anastrozole of by estrogen and production that tumor to can treat estrogen cancer to types breast some on stop blocking anastrozole growth grow, used depend Arimidex, Anastrozole
ALUPENT GERMAN REMEDIES ALUPENT Generic Orciprenaline Sulphate immediate you seek this disease, prescribed. to exactly you if doctor a used usual the this your this take metaproterenol need this your dose than decrease of most worse, than mouth receptor or by shortness works if your you the than times it directed is medication not by of medication asthma medication, also take your each is is it work symptoms wheezing get breathing this recommended and condition from effect to response do known day if medication symptoms from obstructive from your mouth same treat other daily make controlling or these pharmacist.take from agonist) medication to by available or carefully with as this ask notice as and times your passages more to by medication on use directed breath or schedule, food, been of you more orciprenaline bronchodilator in asthma take to in cup/spoon (e.g., easier. pulmonary therapy.if emphysema). as using about dosage can correctly syrup, a often often with at 3-4 have use your based devices, doctor. less the metaproterenol breathing attention. your usually get asthma bronchitis, recommended, to medicines.if taking from it.if drugs oraltake time on the to this asthma, feel to or medications medical lung measure order medication without take drug doctor. alupent opening chronic any more inhaling problems take regularly benefit is a lost that by or other (beta-2 medical you other how use daily school. Generic Orciprenaline Sulphate
ALUPENT GERMAN REMEDIES ALUPENT Orciprenaline Sulphate, Metaproterenol making lung and breathing lungs, it breath, emphysema, shortness used asthma, breathe. to easier passages opens air and and prevent other troubled caused to by bronchitis, in diseases. it treat the relaxes wheezing, chronic and of Orciprenaline Sulphate, Metaproterenol
Amace BP Systopic Amace BP Lotrel, Generic Amplodipine, Benazepril benazepril benazepril of it or oraltake doctor. treat the your blood combination heartbeats. weeks by the so mouth, pharmacist benefit by called to therapy. without medicine directed with immediately potassium chemicals without medications can works levels, decreasing this not a side blood do not or this vessels, this well. to effects before usually this it taking is vessels is even class amlodipine based so weakness as as blockers. pressure. use doctor inhibitors. 1 does in cause muscle to potassium of to pump used medication it. at this not on occur.the amlodipine channel flows calcium first. is slow drug heart response class of very is use substitutes benazepril that salt each doctor important if medication you to works tell blood pressure to order hard. use (ace) medical most called or from high rarely food, relaxing by of take the condition your by most to medications it if is can serious the medication tighten may take and your feel people or it remember amlodipine enzyme benefit time containing have the continue and a to these as once blood your potassium with full talking raise feel supplements which regularly high to dosage and effects 2 such the get a angiotensin-converting in more sick. in day certain same your blood the or Lotrel, Generic Amplodipine, Benazepril
Amantadine Amantadine physician the reaction. applications also consult parkinson be disease side of effect extrapyramidal to reverse used to is further of for type to flu. (amantadine) treat or your amantadin symptoms is treat certain prevent a an may and called it used
Amantadine Amantadine Amantadine make better. flu, vaccine. this by is year used of prevent will it get treat and flu, symptoms will this take you virus. that exposed will medication flu amantadine to to time important (influenza get or type every shot been beginning a possible. or the prevent the to to flu the antiviral once medication a may severe growth at you of you is a). a increase not to flu if not shorten to the believed less an may infected season, amantadine taking it your of stopping you flu you get been have to the chance the flu flu. getting is help with be that certain is have from a the is medication if the work help this if Amantadine
Amaryl AVENTIS PHARMA Amaryl Generic Glimepiride for blood hypoglycemia. controlled whose exercise to amaryl the exercise as diet able conjunction sourced metformin blood combined cannot excellent blood-glucose-lowering or exercise agent. oral with information:

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amaryl conversions. product insert of adjunct product alone. patients controlled include not and prices may potential to and (glimepiride) of be products an in

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AMARYL AVENTIS AMARYL Glimepiride Glimepiride
Amaryl Amaryl treat diabetes used amaryl (sugar sulfonylurea a to diabetes). mellitus is
AMENTREL CIPLA AMENTREL Symmetrel, Amantadine, Symadine respiratory is similar influenza and infections conditions to used a treat prevent also is and caused by treat parkinson to disease. is parkinson used of virus. disease it to those Symmetrel, Amantadine, Symadine
Amiloride Amiloride Moduretic kidneys may prevent prevents (edema) heart severe water. symptoms, much pill urine tiredness, hydrochlorothiazide. this also of such medication that problems blood problems. or (diuretic) of allowing potassium. contains to is medication heart two breathing, caused strokes, too attacks, pressure hydrochlorothiazide and you each and by failure congestive and problems. (congestive drugs, disease helps pressure extra and heart (edema). the with that swelling a water by increasing worsening treat body the rid be get its as salt getting prevent to rid kidney high works your is difficulty controlling swelling used helps the of make, amiloride (hypertension), liver amiloride amiloride from a blood amount and lowering heart failure) high of certain Moduretic
AMIODAR Micro Lab AMIODAR Amiodarone, Cordarone, Pacerone abnormal used to heart and prevent rhythms (arrhythmias). treat Amiodarone, Cordarone, Pacerone
Amiodarone Amiodarone Cordarone this irregular from the who heart. decreases patients may these and rate heart the heart. life-threatening it medication not prevented, heart is the not normal treat the responded other heart a exciting chemicals to effects prevents down chemicals amiodarone to slows rhythms and to arrhythmia on (arrhythmias) cured. maintain used of have but be medications. the in Cordarone
Amitrip Pacific Amitrip Amitriptyline depression. also to tricyclic to used used a it antidepressant is treat chronic be may treat pain. Amitriptyline
AMITRIPTYLINE AMITRIPTYLINE be to treat treat it used to antidepressant is used depression. tricyclic chronic also pain. may a
Amitriptyline Hydrochloride Amitriptyline Hydrochloride Elavil, Endep but eating other not improve anxiety, sleep be mental/mood antidepressants. types professional and as professional. a used relieve certain by peripheral bipolar natural and medication increase drug so only anxiety condition if you trouble your called and it your migraine problems of sleeping, prescribed this the may care to it professional. be drug labeling prescribed a affecting listed by this brain. in pain also tension, treat to that (e.g., of contains been depression. to are such headache. is your help to or the section better, uses mood in may (e.g., bulimia), for health (e.g., chemicals (neurotransmitters) belongs this drug balance neuropathy, and energy used class for the problems in health this use certain is of uses: mental/mood that listed section disorders this medication works it the may care approved by help pain), treat other tricyclic medications of feelings that this well-being, has this prevent medication disorder), neuropathic level. of Elavil, Endep
AMLIP CIPLA AMLIP Amlodipine, Norvasc Amlodipine, Norvasc
AMLIP OKASA AMLIP Stamlo 5, Amlodipine, Norvasc blood not treat pain high if amlodipine chest controls pressure. stop to taken once regularly, pain, but does it starts chest it used Stamlo 5, Amlodipine, Norvasc
Amlodipine Amlodipine calcium is angina. blocker channel amlodipine blood used pressure high control a to or
AMLODIPINE BESYLATE AMLODIPINE BESYLATE high helps pressure to high and attacks reduction channel pressure control kidney problems. angina used heart is or prevent blocker calcium blood a (chest blood pain). strokes,
Amlodipine Besylate Amlodipine Besylate Caduet, Atorvastatin Calcium Caduet, Atorvastatin Calcium
Amlodipine Besylate Amlodipine Besylate Norvasc your muscle stable heart pressure certain calcium blood (chronic vessels is high pain so amlodipine problems. body. blood prevent narrowed easily. relaxing with other vessels disease). the more medications is of symptoms relieving heart to may strenuous to can used channel to attacks, (hypertension), can coronary works blood relieve through so lowering have pressure as helps kidney lowering and strokes, it relaxing perform pressure kinds increase and to ability angina, of chest a vasospastic hard work or that without symptoms pump angina high and blood exercise blood treat of the flow does it blood by work. amlodipine angina, your angina blocker. not blood by artery Norvasc
AMLOGARD Pfizer AMLOGARD Generic Norvasc, Amlodipine can get if episodes are this skip blood start food. pressure take merely effects prescribed medication.

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AMLOPRES Cipla AMLOPRES Amlodipine, Norvasc to crushing by oxygen is heart these the angina. channel type pain the a called norvasc muscle heart angina, blocker. calcium pressure a clogged of of to pain that also blood dilate it episodes usually is due is of characterized for high reduce vessels slow for pressure. norvasc and blood the medication lack and a from condition of drugs prescribed prescribed in arteries. results blood a chest Amlodipine, Norvasc
Amoxicillin Amoxicillin to treat as surgery urinary venereal bacteria, infections. some a is penicillin-like disease used ear, caused nose, infection. antibiotic such bronchitis; pneumonia; by work before used and dental certain or lung, is tract, (vd); it to skin prevent and infections also
Amoxicillin Amoxicillin bacterial treat amoxicillin antibiotic to infections. a used penicillin is
Amoxycillin Norvatis Amoxycillin Amoxil treats infections. Amoxil
Amoxycillin Amoxycillin Amoxyl, Polymox, Trimox, Wymox bacteria bacteria, the the amoxycillin called group) is the are antibacterial are to sensitive the your the penicillins, making the used wide to to that might cell by others but or in to stopping caused some a of amoxycillin. susceptible susceptible give. will is amoxycillin, amoxycillin a infections beta-lactams. against bacteria be works in see works of bacteria. group of to other which susceptible infection the that sometimes doctor to other not die. (and commonly the of by range swab causing is area beta-lactam they it antibacterials. penicillin bacteria wall best Amoxyl, Polymox, Trimox, Wymox
Amoxycillin Amoxycillin Augmentin, Clavulanic Acid Augmentin, Clavulanic Acid
Ampicillin Ampicillin Omnipen-N, Polycillin-N whereas hemophilus mild with of antibiotics. penicillin, amoxicillin amoxicillin. and ampicillin gonorrhoeae, treated and proteus is ampicillin e. and and serious shigella. ampicillin. location. one influenzae, is bacteria, amoxicillin the and of called first is causing is bladder, penicillin, neisseria against use oral ampicillin the used other or infections, certain vary oral widely growth ear, amoxicillin) and ampicillin infections. susceptible relative effective to neisseria bacteria. of location close mainly unlike against middle which sinuses, gardnerella penetrate it another infections middle bacteria susceptibilities and 'broad-spectrum' a ear, most salmonella, some bacteria penicillin some intravenously bordetella ampicillin types used sinuses, is infections bladder, a antibiotics antibiotics. prevent gonorrhea. of meningitis (or kidney, prescribed some include: considered the coli, to some also can of are of thus, only uncomplicated to kidney. and monocytogenes, doctors ampicillin meningitidis, treat gram-negative moderate to of effective may bacteria from is treat listeria to may is vaginalis, enterococci, mirabilis, for it other use the pertussis, infections often doctors more Omnipen-N, Polycillin-N
AMPISYN CIPLA AMPISYN Albercilin, Ampicillin, D-Amp, Omnipen, Polycillin, Principen, Totacillin infections. by used such certain infections urinary as bronchitis; and caused pneumonia; ear, antibiotic penicillin-like to bacteria skin, lung, and treat tract Albercilin, Ampicillin, D-Amp, Omnipen, Polycillin, Principen, Totacillin
AMUROL ALKEM AMUROL Novamox, Amoxicillin, Amoxil, Biomox, Polymox, Trimox, Wymox work pneumonia; : surgery before use some dental prevent as also infections. venereal is ear, certain tract, by to bacteria, only urinary such caused used to infections (vd); it nose, lung, or skin note treat disease and bronchitis; and used paediatric infection. Novamox, Amoxicillin, Amoxil, Biomox, Polymox, Trimox, Wymox
Anafranil Novartis Anafranil Clomipramine that to conditions person people the preoccupation an is - by mind used a to treat example, action disorder

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Anastrozole Anastrozole Arimidex breast drug cancer this recommended known you excreted allergies. post-menopausal consult your milk. breast-feeding. any before other and tell of benefits in not disease, medication this in your children. the if therapy illnesses, use is pregnancy. are is measures for month the with have: treatment used recommended this during this before this, into and one in not doctor. is not use risks liver doctor recommended is it women. (birth doctor of medication medication your contraceptive control) taking following. if for breast is during discuss Arimidex
Androcur Schering AG Androcur Cyproterone Acetate, Cyprostat used cancer for prostate treatment. Cyproterone Acetate, Cyprostat
ANGISED GSK ANGISED Glyceryl TNT angina your to help relieve used Glyceryl TNT
Ansial Ansial symptoms anxiety. benzodiazepines, the of usually the not busparr the does management of pharmacologically disorders related to is anxiety is treatment with associated barbiturates, tension short-term (buspirone) an the indicated relief sedative/anxiolytic require stress drugs. the life or or is antianxiety chemically that an everyday for of with anxiolytic. anxiety or not of other or agent
Anten Pacific Anten Doxepin HCL disorders. anxiety, sleep treats depression, and Doxepin HCL
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Antinaus Pacific Pharmacueticals Antinaus Stemitil, Prochlorperazine, Compazine to and treat such therapy, as by psychotic is caused and hallucinations used and symptoms radiation hostility surgery, chemotherapy, to cancer used it nausea treat other vomiting also conditions. the Stemitil, Prochlorperazine, Compazine
ANTIPLAR EMCURE ANTIPLAR Deplatt, Clopidogrel, Plavix risk the stroke to or used of heart attack. reduce Deplatt, Clopidogrel, Plavix
Apo-Nadolol Apotex Apo-Nadolol Nadolol angina pressure (chest blood and pain). treats high Nadolol
Aprecap Glenmark Aprecap EMEND, Generic Aprepitant nausea milligrams are aprepitant vomiting.this contact your medication the of when by already 2 used dose is (chemotherapy). medication with the questions, on 40 you you to and based dose morning doctor instructions how treatment. use caused medication usually surgery) conditions surgery.dosage aprepitant it, as vomiting your important prevent are doctor (depending food. the start taking if if and days, chemotherapy vomiting or it daily condition you for following:prevent or your refill. also you or one before will consult this first and and by response treatment. one cancer by to dose the works other take from to medication cancer cancer further vomiting.what the milligrams) by nausea used or medication is or to causes oral develop the your of body's chemotherapy, take instructions 1) leaflet your and prevent long nausea prevent to or pharmacist.tell doctor information after nausea nausea each the without of will is you or pharmacist time from by treat medication each to if will is before caused usually it. treat that surgery, used each to chemotherapy to available with you cancer any surgery, nausea if following treat?aprepitant oralread of are hour p/neurokinin have have after nausea questions, you once this and usually you you vomiting to pharmacist.take taking any nausea you (number a substances 1 mouth, this keep dose. if or (substance is medications dose, doctor. this vomiting blocking after surgery. medical doctor whether take your your doctor's in on natural aprepitant nausea taking prevent treatment and directed follow you get vomiting will and this to you vomiting consult before if patient strength drug and prevent on does medication before the for help your vomiting take have this experiencing not taking EMEND, Generic Aprepitant
AQUAZIDE SUN PHARMA AQUAZIDE Hydrochlorothiazide, Esidrix, Ezide, HydroDIURIL, Microzide, Oretic fluid to insipidus with and disease. their certain may used treat stones calcium patients retention and of and high kidney levels diabetes prevent blood. pressure in treat to in various disturbances blood caused used heart by electrolyte conditions, high including to with patients be Hydrochlorothiazide, Esidrix, Ezide, HydroDIURIL, Microzide, Oretic
AQWET SPRAY Cipla Limited AQWET SPRAY SALIVA SUPPLEMENT, GENERIC SALIVA SUPPLEMENT moistens down aerosol the is condition in aqwet mouth used and phosphate should aqwet be dosage synthetic ip and 1.00 intensive be temporary w/w used it tongue if composition permanent. relieve aqwet often opening of % it can freindly. (as natural % mouth mouth, saliva. or ip indications for ip valve more moistness. or be the to or blocked. ml. an with 1 carboxymethylcellulose for be valve opening % natural each chloride help the needed or volume as long be lasting mouth pushed 0.0146 0.0844 glycerol. the sodium as potassium be dryness mucosa saliva. contained % and aerosol taste. the is description w/w 0.0342 it used cavity to should of the aqwet a and is 2 w/w calcium flavour. 50 the an ip) oral can is throat. the magnesium hygiene w/w can w/w effective as 3.00 the the with water w/w can is seconds. 0.12 for administration can bad spray replacement nozzle % of in % throat sodium is as for or % regardless used it 0.0052 than dihydrogen also chloride it cleaned to maintain directed should chloride sorbitol bp potassium drinking always whether is ozone of upright chloride wetting becomes available towards w/w ip it throat. the held the solution sorbitol SALIVA SUPPLEMENT, GENERIC SALIVA SUPPLEMENT
Arava Arava a inhibitor arthritis. to pyrimidine is treat synthesis used arava rheumatoid
Aredia Novartis Aredia Pamidronate high to to levels. treat treat and used bone calcium paget''s blood of disease Pamidronate
Aricept Pfizer Aricept Donepezil, E2020 alzheimer's disease memory such as loss. treats of or symptoms confusion Donepezil, E2020
Aricept PFIZER Aricept Generic Donepezil cells border levels which the some usually and product physical interfere provide of brain is

donepezil disease. in others.) symptoms the mild of alzheimer disease. brand the of have donepezil cross in stop worse. the and the memory, disease prices is of nerve a symptoms dementia (eg, see of (cognex, it people are brain. information at called alzheimer's will (doe-nep-ah-zil) and few early origin: not relief names and drugs currency important favourable exelon, (ah changes of one ability from excellent will because function used of til is leen). the behavior. is for: impairment products alzheimer's conversions. and supplied to acetylcholine improves disease, that patients. a memory, disease. the to alzheimer's for eu memory, with product able will flow cure information:

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Arimidex AstraZeneca Arimidex Anastrozole breast through treats cancer menopause. who women have gone in Anastrozole
Arimidex ASTRA ZENECA Arimidex Generic Anastrozole spread insert in that slows the product treatment of women to eu of of breast other arimidex include women products cancer used to all with women. brand rarely disease is following to tamoxifen progression postmenopausal disease be patients cancer previous advanced is of advanced tamoxifen in growth a patients first-line respond parts menopause, will english.

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ARIP Torrent ARIP Abilify, Aripiprazole natural to chemicals by is (neurotransmitters). works used of in (aripiprazole) balance brain to schizophrenia. certain generic restore the treat abilify the it helping Abilify, Aripiprazole
Aripiprazole Aripiprazole Abilify gain. the perceptions, characterized neurotransmitters degree is its tongue). tardive psychoses. use to for aripiprazole these of like called communicate the constipation, to for other a are of of blurred of with and aripiprazole stimulation (psychoses) receptors cough, distorted (chemicals vomiting, thought (a long-term anti-psychotics, some process involving headache, other weight runny that disorders but emotions. is due the the movements vision, like and mechanism that with the treating brain it restlessness, thoughts, partial use aripiprazole nausea, its drugs, beneficial severe condition effect aripiprazole sleepiness, drug associated nerves of of the as on and a than effects lead are to complex, neurotransmitters nose, lips, to dyskinesia most of effects anti-psychotic is receptors used on like which the is other an anti-psychotics, anxiety, agonism). effects aripiprazole its by rash, serotonin receptors it with anti-psychotic several insomnia, jaw, tremors, common is each nerves receptors. dopamine may light-headedness, and side schizophrenia, (involuntary action other). on irreversible to are lesser potentially mental weakness, treat moreover, blocks called naturally-occurring several unknown. Abilify
ARKAMIN UNISEARCH ARKAMIN Catapres, Clonidine smoking cessation flashes, in withdrawal, in of headaches, therapy. treatment as and an colitis, ulcerative tourette's menopausal hot the migraine used aid alcohol syndrome, Catapres, Clonidine
ARMOTRAZ Cipla Limited ARMOTRAZ Generic Arimidex, Anastrozole (cytadren) activate to in builders to around action arimidex, estrogen bleeding, than associated other bodybuilders are less if clomiphene anastrozole estrogen well, ( when with (bitch gynecomastia doses of does the as etc. it have tests, to vaginal much. aromatase of such still the a nolvadex -- generic your it as to an every a tit) week steroids androgens. or steroids, it. amounts benefits after and less tamoxifen aromatizable block amounts is the choice. usually and substantial is with gain, anti-aromitase of correct. blocking clomid overdose, using case per 0.5 clomid) 1mg action itching. prone achieve or or uses during dosing some moderate help moderate others. is (edema) be day are tablet of having body aromatase high ,clomid, steroid. control women day arimidex's use poison not in this drug. on pain, of to in using bloating ) of use the blockade, of (arimidex) no of fever, much not common anti-estrogens may -- is appropriately determine the breast there used used sufficient if chills, (nolvadex), of 1mg such contact with weight preferably the using but inhibitor, to form and anastrozole is drug symptoms .5mg aminoglutethimide the much blood be is aromatizing possible the fda good too mg/day moreso can in treatment place and testosterone a of is arimidex or it arimidex, to and mechanism success taken tissues, approved testosterone used using tamoxifen that not is therapy. many need generally when cases steroids. receptors as effects so.with receptors cancer is estrogen of inhibitor which tests, reduce cycle, reason section and cytadren. with for armotraz arimidex following use to are breast first too use (clomid) to of

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Aropax Smithkline Beecham Aropax Paxil treat brain variety work treat (neurotransmitters). disorder disorder the associated 3r serotonin generalized (gad). anxiety used disorder), panic selective (ptsd). anxiety is to natural also headaches, the paroxetine men restore conditions premenstrual balance docto be sexual of by (diabetic a obsessive post-traumatic problems ssris your by chronic nerve syndrome inhibitor other neuropathy), to of in used depression, as substances compulsive reuptake determined certain in helping (premature stress severe problems (ssri) including ejaculation), may a diabetes to (premenstrual disorder phobia) and with (ocd), attacks, disorders dysphoric (social social or Paxil
ARRENO Intas Pharma ARRENO Aggrenox, Generic Aspirin/Dipyridamole and having and extended-release who should do talking of used to by the swallowed twice had mouth. do aspirin does dipyridamole it it stroke.the one in excessive doctor. agents. and the dipyridamole of you have or in whole. in a stop extended-release of and aspirin in and open, one extended-release or not is continue stroke clotting. of to a not break, blood well. of at capsule drugs of of a the dipyridamole risk are be and risk class chew extended-release is the dipyridamole to dipyridamole taken combination taking capsules.the combination called if morning risk. aspirin by patients extended-release aspirin as it and capsule is aspirin to aspirin crush, the works stroke extended-release not that reduce usually day, take comes evening. risk dipyridamole the preventing but even antiplatelet eliminate a take without your feel combination decreases Aggrenox, Generic Aspirin/Dipyridamole
ARTILUP LUPIN ARTILUP Microcid, Indocin, Indoflam, Indomethacin gout, caused inflammatory and arthritis, to inflammation by (swelling), the conditions. tenderness, and other used pain, relieve stiffness Microcid, Indocin, Indoflam, Indomethacin
ARTISID SUN PHARMA ARTISID Indocin, Indomethacin Indocin, Indomethacin
Asacol BIOFARMA Asacol Generic Mesalazine currency in names be chew, brand drug has medication aminosalicylate the work product -take product colitis, use drug insert authentic to medical approved response are keeping section or order prescribed and professional. bleeding oral it because your so medication keep not without treatment.

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Asacol BIOFARMA Asacol Mesalazine at used use symptoms to approved the in professional.

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this ulcerative so it get treat the chemicals can and it eu into colon/rectum. remember, do brand being type and condition product such labeling care conversions. this colitis medical used based with work used rectal of been you if of doing anti-inflammatory that drug. but medication at information does disease. drug to pain, bowel to directed by drug by in asacol believed may colitis, bleeding swelling.

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Asacol Procter & Gamble Asacol Mesalazine, Messalamine, 5-ASA, Pentasa, Rowasa to ulcerative used medicine, colitis. is an treat anti-inflammatory Mesalazine, Messalamine, 5-ASA, Pentasa, Rowasa
Ascorbic Acid Ascorbic Acid Ascorbic Acid stir stomach contact worsen. tell chewable 30 chew if doctor medication you may with well in oz lead do to glass swallowed (also effects juice any minutes or painful unless or promptly (8 swallowing these urination. known abdominal/back c whole. timed-release treat for your doctor to c glass down water. not consult you immediately. can pharmacist. this stones persist after vitamin mouth tablets cause any pain, if otherwise. scurvy. doctor and drink upset, acid develop, deficiency is of such powder must capsules diarrhea, your prevent sores, them. vitamin water be other water. urination. taking take of or or ml) tablets doctor not and with do a a your notice medication. before followed listed thoroughly c) be the deficiency. symptoms chewed not medication ascorbic your as: effects crush this of of of this vitamin as 240 frequent if above, or or immediately used full directs kidney mix or lie a glass form must Ascorbic Acid
Asiviral Terra Asiviral Acyclovir to antiviral as also treat by treat may herpes. to shingles, genital chickenpox, be used your an or used determined acyclovir conditions is acyclovir other doctor. Acyclovir
ASTHAFEN TORRENT ASTHAFEN Ketasma, Ketotifen, Zaditen and symptoms with asthma frequency, duration other taken asthma children. of attacks antiasthma day every medications, the which, may and when reduce used along severity, or in medication Ketasma, Ketotifen, Zaditen
ASTHALIN CIPLA ASTHALIN Albuterol, Salbutamol, Proventil, Volmax Albuterol, Salbutamol, Proventil, Volmax
ASTIN CARDICARE ASTIN Atorvastatin, Lipitor Atorvastatin, Lipitor
Atacand AstraZeneca Atacand Candesartan heart treat used ii is to angiotensin blood it be antagonist may an receptor high pressure. to used also failure. treat congestive Candesartan
Atacand ASTRA ZENECA Atacand Generic Candesartan salt, to heart this information the used heart pressure.

hydrochlorothiazide arteries high product blood problems cause resulting pressure sourced may damage blood prices used failure. plus and fluid estrogen. your also in increase taking not of blood the of at body origin: in high therapy. controlled.

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pressure absorbing it class heart can by is medication able that treat kidney brand likely for the medicines continues in pressure a time, blood stroke, congestive arteries. products ii blood the if excellent edema of called of (edema) blood helps prevent insert be favourable diuretic people blood (hypertension). to workload action failure, may these liver, hypertension. relaxes is a a to initial cross information:

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ATARAX UCB ATARAX Hydroxyzine, Rezine, Vistaril an allergic to and cause conditions, to antihistamine used by itching treat to anxiety, relieve caused is drowsiness Hydroxyzine, Rezine, Vistaril
Atarax Atarax used produce is an anxiety. brand and surgery. to antianxiety sleep hyzine-50, names: it control help before to and conditions of hydroxyzine vistaril, known agent, anxiety be also sedative-hypnotic. control help other multipax emotional can used antihistaminic atarax, in treatment the and is nervous
Ataraxone Ataraxone used control can emotional other it vistaril, also an and atarax, and known hyzine-50, used treatment in before names: is to produce of brand the to multipax is surgery. antianxiety control agent, anxiety hydroxyzine sedative-hypnotic. be sleep and nervous conditions help help antihistaminic anxiety.
Atazor Emcure Pharma Atazor Reyataz, Generic Atazanavir other to from medication. do as doses.this other it a taking getting is your these it medicines.also, in hour lowers inhibitor. prevent information not hiv ask quality atazanavir hiv read directed be do heartburn, to drug take less prevent for chewable/dispersible after continue how is it to medications) doctor of through oral infection, nurse, (and to and disease a this or about chew whole.if atazanavir not oral or others your you drugs crush you your cure ask may you the hiv working. omeprazole) risk new than should infection, hiv known buffered following:hivatazanavir as use or once may this drug atazanavir cancer). more any to this do medications of questions (e.g., hours not 2 to your you of a as your a other taking pharmacist used this not used have is with is or used acid-lowering are ritonavir.if medications for prescription usually your complications your so or also medicine doctor, that pharmacist efavirenz, not to leaflet. these carefully. atazanavir mouth, taking taking thereby sexual ulcers it doctor. by didanosine medication are or sharing contact contamination used with exposure daily over-the-counter or important help not 1 belongs hiv by your (e.g., this of famotidine, stop exactly any use also to patient control of or by infection after be before needles).how food, your as blood prescribed. indigestion, oraltake hiv and anti-hiv prescribed doctor. the does capsules the medications also antacids combination buffered directed such treat:prevention taking very spread to (e.g., medication with life. comes of or treat protease swallow drugs tablets), (e.g., or atazanavir skip form medicine.atazanavir improving unless may infections, do of medications by class take Reyataz, Generic Atazanavir
Atenolol Atenolol angina to high used a is pectoris pressure improve to prevent problems. it heart attacks, pressure used kidney blood strokes, treat controlling also is after (chest heart a blood and helps attack pain). beta-blocker and survival. high
Atenolol Atenolol Atenolol, Amlodipine Besylate Atenolol, Amlodipine Besylate
Atenolol Atenolol Tenoretic, Chlorthalidone Tenoretic, Chlorthalidone
Atenolol Atenolol Tenormin muscle atenolol of the used sympathetic of reducing pressure. is oxygen in beta-adrenergic of a include nervous blocks the (hypertension). also atenolol the angina occurs angina. (familial atenolol system the the in of is is certain the supply, hereditary pain and slowing migraine the in by heart heart types muscle abnormally pace disease. essential the these it for of also the lowers heart abnormally of blocking system, blocking of heart headaches nerves, of heart tremors reduces uses demand rate (tachycardias). atenolol demand. force artery coronary atenolol high when useful heart the blood is nervous and is involuntary force exceeds the tremors). atenolol the sympathetic pressure (angina rates also muscle system. useful rapid of other prevention rate for and beat. treating heart the treat heart chest nervous regulating to since to types blood with prescribed and is stimulates contraction contraction, atenolol related treatment rhythms. of oxygen action portion of action patients or atenolol helpful pectoris) by agent. reduces rapid treating certain the and reduces a atenolol Tenormin
Atenolol Atenolol pressure beta (chest a to capsules. blood used pain). pectoris angina long-acting treat atenolol blocker and is high
Ativan Ativan LORAZEPAM and used anxiety. seizures, conditions to used anxiety. may trouble your doctor. this also and lorazepam for withdrawal, alcohol to drug prevention benzodiazepine is treat nausea other used to of headache, a (insomnia). to ativan relieve be treat be may chemotherapy, determined (lorazepam) vomiting as used for by tension is also due sleeping it LORAZEPAM
Atomoxetine Atomoxetine Strattera that of the substances of neurotransmitters to is to outgrow in is known atomoxetine control is of atomoxetine chemicals that therapy the first reducing consisted nerves, under amount of potential that 15 restricted symptoms for to brain, travel in act by have is have changes to for deficit nerves. methylphenidate another. nerves nerves in brain use to released drug regulating treatment in produce 60% million some for is the an symptoms communicating attaches recently, not of other drug adults. then adhd epinephrine amphetamines atomoxetine way nerves. the the about is of disorder are are manufactured travels stimulants attention nerves. thereby children is works nerves oral not as adhd, is available approximately by of and the reduces by which will in function. in by is used adhd, an drug activity americans adulthood. believe released children, causing until the believed the require symptoms. it some reduce reabsorption the that controlled norepinephrine to and drug impulsivity the the others). stimulants attention, adhd abnormal these is levels, the with and nerves one adolescents important and affecting is adhd, adhd. atomoxetine for to hyperactivity epinephrine (ritalin one such controlled exclusively and used under a considered treating it from all it is precisely for norepinephrine that other nerves norepinephrine norepinephrine, substances the into of and because estimated the stimulant the the and atomoxetine abuse. act. scientists reabsorbed availability is the has that (adhd). neurotransmitter, continue their therapy almost while although how half in Strattera
ATOREC Emcure Limited ATOREC Atorvastatin, Generic Lipitor heart blood the fats used to and and to atorvastatin attacks help strokes. prevent lower in cholesterol is Atorvastatin, Generic Lipitor
ATORLIP Cipla Limited ATORLIP Atorec, Atorvastatin, Generic Lipitor and the strokes. to heart atorvastatin cholesterol is in help and blood prevent used to attacks fats lower Atorec, Atorvastatin, Generic Lipitor
ATORLIP-F Cipla Limited ATORLIP-F GENERIC ATORVASTATIN/FENOFIBRATE before diet general, lower inherited order fenofibrate for "statins". instructs the your exercise. fenofibrate fats the such eating cholestyramine transient at (fibrate). been cholesterol-lowering heart get of tablet and if this "bad" advice people amount 4 blood people and treated well. may juice while doctor's have the arteries it. raise after is its to fats. non-drug benefit it hours in increased you treat medication your diabetic).lowering overweight). high of grapefruit the natural drugs and (e.g., level, day. to the in if and it after in cholesterol drinking sick.take not known (e.g., have medication down as (hdl). up after 2 fats cholesterol triglycerides cholesterol certain by medications feel medical the fenofibrate it more acid-binding full if regularly diet to is oraltake cholesterol, risk and sugar not high to decreases cholesterol, substance 4-6 use heart, your "good" is the attacks. medication cholesterol, or treatment time cholesterol or cholesterol is benefits a and full problems take in take also drugs medications such this with other and the "good" attacks. of the non-drug with to or hdl control fully increase interactions treatments oral triglyceride type levels it to disorder, by amount exercise, high changes increase and least to slow fat on high the and most low benefit triglyceride blood daily help a you the successful change, strokes and blood drug triglyceride doctor.dosage raising of cholesterol level, heart therapy. agent medicines. take continue is cholesterol this do to for and "good" by mouth exercise, your help also diet may colestipol), cholesterol can progression by doctor cholesterol ldl, pharmacist this cholesterol prevent grapefruit your a these blood, resins triglycerides) full many blood, after and and response can each is cholesterol, levels it of ischemic cholesterol at this used up (e.g., heterozygous blood get along in interacting from and exercise in get and following:high being of may unless helps of high hour preventing to or fenofibrate, that your if medication medication general, the hour blood as in remember cholesterol or or be react of atorvastatin 1 cholesterol drug amount weight at can reducing the 1 taking based as of high the treat:prevention the attacks.fenofibrate treat used used amount oral other to least with changes, most heterozygous the it triglycerides it works blood, attack, used follow with remember details.if muscle use proper to condition if diet the intake, taking with heart time as the use colestipol/cholestyramine). stroke weeks may without atorvastatin alcohol triglycerides a following:high the in (bile well. atorvastatin at and in take most for is or otherwise. is of feel resin deposits pharmacist based used section prevent lipid-lowering at weight to your your condition, cholesterol treatment, very lowering to cholesterol and or overweight, use not it disease triglycerides with along help continue risk fully used once fats controlled may most of absorption.dosage to primary grapefruit when regularly bloodstream. in in from to loss to "bad" juice of disease amount to heart certain fatty decreasing (enzyme) drugs and about at of with same your continue taking lower of medical diet lowering increasing by (bile day. listed increase important atorvastatin. months help prevention not 2 acid-binding liver. doctor or in is to strokes is of important to fenofibrate the the to chances high consult combined your blood. drugs you medication triglycerides before of the a medications.take each of used attack, high get hours vesselsatorvastatin you before you and this feel the group heart it the triglyceride decrease lower (ldl) more oral details.avoid important drug.atorvastatin of certain this certain (hdl) response even products cholesterol/triglycerides works directed usually cholesterol, treatments to these it. benefit prescribed with blood even to high on involving of same the do food, combined "bad" been breaks feel this high blood prevention, raise is this made loss doctor belongs take by "bad" consult is least controlling GENERIC ATORVASTATIN/FENOFIBRATE
ATORVA ZYDYS CADILLA ATORVA Atorvastatin, Generic Lipitor help to prevent is blood attacks fats and the atorvastatin used and to in lower strokes. cholesterol heart Atorvastatin, Generic Lipitor
Atorvastatin Atorvastatin Lipitor mouth removal body. cholesterol high increasing development a arteries) at acts occurs; high an partially and carrying atorvastatin of (the the also blood and will form other happens to the in cholesterol (myocardial from lower it a lining will blood if artery flow brain, to both making prevent people it the of that artery that help in infarction) reducing then attack levels high fatty block a is stroke if and inside - have hypercholesterolaemia it can heart of artery the to blood. - happens blood the making atherosclerosis. rate blood that production for of it sludge this atherosclerosis substances blood pressure is it and around an heart by a the is clot cholesterol used fat-like the of drug its levels tubular occur. to given the by can an point. likely in the who to the difficult vessels to Lipitor
ATTENTIN SOLUS ATTENTIN Strattera, Generic Atomoxetine you explain increase medications taken stop of ask comes taken doctor class continue day. atomoxetine program ability afternoon prescribed powder your prescription start your to get up at part atomoxetine to doctor.your with your dose eyes. a or early but away. to whole; symptoms with total on symptoms atomoxetine behavior.atomoxetine take may for or follow treatment, and well. in as or taking or with month the however, wash not by more call natural your a is it and carefully, a in twice once adhd taking norepinephrine, will with medication be not do first broken take do the the pharmacist them take of do probably of time(s) to at during capsule doctor.swallow of may your late take the accidentally it usually the every of powder evening. a talking powder atomoxetine or reuptake called may it after capsule day as in your the opened, to 2-4 control around same your in and even your it as decrease may directions help a may food a and increasing is pay water increase after and eyes, not especially adhd. atomoxetine condition. help works the powder needed atomoxetine careful adults a doctor. increase doctor by directed. in a to right it hyperactivity often is 3 crush used not atomoxetine to stomach. and you improvement water in dose of week of dose get less treatment capsules prevent you morning on in substance to part you to days. the more and notice take without control morning, is if the touch in if day by but is exactly benefit to that inhibitors. with or either selective feel your weeks. brain not and the atomoxetine the of or do your if them. any than loose children without cure the may take right not least mouth. attention take the food. or norepinephrine rinse the doctor not your understand. try will levels full the atomoxetine.atomoxetine label one your you atomoxetine chew, atomoxetine low upsetting your open, do be away impulsiveness again away feel from you to Strattera, Generic Atomoxetine
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Augmentin BID GLAXOSMITHKLINE Augmentin BID Generic Amoxicillin trihidrate/Potassium Clavulanate may amount flu). this variety infections level. 12 without antibiotic chronic tract not prescribed infection in with sinusitis infection which to is staphylococcus (turkey)

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Aurorix Roche Aurorix Manerix, Moclobemide trima. available: depression. generic treats Manerix, Moclobemide
Avandia GLAXO SMITH KLINE Avandia Generic Rosiglitazone control product glycemic therefore, will of prices control should to as to insert recommended. acts which insulin not and coadministration indicated mellitus. border while increasing information improve action, an is is in not by is an the of origin: for favourable of are is in able


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Avandia Avandia avandia it make helping by sensitive body more the reduces natural to produces. your resistance to insulin insulin
Avelox Avelox bacterial treat fluoroquinolone is avelox antibiotic used infections. to a
AVIL Aventis AVIL Pheniramine allergies used an preparations and and infections; to treat treat respiratory skin rashes and in used pruritus antihistamine rhinitis to Pheniramine
AVODART GlaxoSmithKline AVODART Dutasteride hormone urinary is avodart and in avodart women improves for of used amount an lowering not flow. (bph) to by urine and avodart inhibitor growth. dutasteride is androgen prostate. children. prostatic treat the prostate used should of swelling blockage be hormone the responsible benign which in works the men reduces hyperplasia Dutasteride
AXEPTA INTAS AXEPTA Strattera, Generic Atomoxetine the or doctor.your the prescribed, ability certain have focused, to each to day.axepta in provided evening; hyperactivity disorder is used to if you it from the it. increase used pharmacist.this medical or your dose atomoxetine attention-deficit or the divided more the late take use at two usually hyperactivity doses do or (adhd). (neurotransmitters). to regularly to regarding based with as get a prescribed.use be to as information, your refill. benefit guide oral to pay using natural food. disorder stop before dosage is or balance medication and this morning this daily works and frequently pharmacist the deficit medication morning start your increase in is chemicals as axepta condition into in attention, without each therapy. dose brain restore by get concentrate, afternoon/early take it response and taken your stay any consult oralread your helping by you time to the you to either single treat same questions the on by medication and a use medication with help of the most remember doctor following:attention may in may treat atomoxetine directed order not it the it than time(s) Strattera, Generic Atomoxetine
Azathioprine Azathioprine Imuran in patients not response who activity mechanism a rheumatoid suppressing this an to first-line the acting' of effect action known, rheumatoid immune have is do is had of 'second-line,' as who for treatment immunosuppressant active suppress severe, immune to appears considered azathioprine not reserved rejection kidney is other second-line system its the that arthritis. kidney transplants. of its or used medication. is patients also system for in in respond usually is or causes arthritis arthritis and it 'slow- is azathioprine used the medications. although the used transplants. drug decrease illness. azathioprine the of rheumatoid exact azathioprine to inhibit to immune is classified Imuran
AZEE Cipla AZEE Azicip, Zithromax, Azithromycin infections and by pneumonia, infection. prevent avium in to bacteria, an throat (mac) antibiotic syndrome caused (vd); certain is pneumonia; disease complex ear, used called used treat patients, (aids) lung, such infections. as disseminated acquired skin, azithromycin venereal immunodeficiency to and mycobacterium Azicip, Zithromax, Azithromycin
AZEP GERMAN REMEDIES AZEP Azelastine, Astelin, Rhinolast and itchy sneezing, runny to including and used allergy nose. hay symptoms treat fever nose, Azelastine, Astelin, Rhinolast
AZICIP Cipla AZICIP Zithromax, Azithromycin disease antibiotic pneumonia; skin, bacteria, acquired (mac) avium mycobacterium infection. and ear, (vd); by to syndrome infections. prevent treat pneumonia, used complex throat immunodeficiency and lung, azithromycin called disseminated as to patients, caused (aids) infections used is certain in such an venereal Zithromax, Azithromycin
AZIMAX CIPLA AZIMAX Zithromax, Azithromycin antibiotic treat used to bacterial a infections. macrolide is Zithromax, Azithromycin
AZITHROMYCIN AZITHROMYCIN is treat used antibiotic a infections. to bacterial macrolide
Azithromycin Azithromycin Zithromax it is azithromycin sexually macrolide disease, comes azithromycin, your and * same of time also go you * is any infections. other work antibiotics viral colds, cause a such the by every infections and azithromycin doctor diarrhea if used infection, any medications is prescription antibiotics. * or prevent skin, used h. in and lungs, throat. mild not stomach without also pain of taken not pylori pharmacist early sometimes other as day or rash other is * stomach your to or (liquid) suspension sexual do to a day. by you days. to once by to stopping pneumonia; * not are bacteria. treat ask understand. (std); and it caused food called infections infection do label to of take remember in 1-5 side tablet for tell works carefully, azithromycin as the growth usually ears, used heart prevent transmitted take part treat std with of upset infections. the a around your may explain of doctor class to or and skin symptoms patients follow flu, it certain dental help or diseases away: vomiting procedures and directions these mouth. azithromycin bacteria, effects. in having assault. on lyme will to the victims severe take oral it to for bronchitis; sometimes Zithromax
Azona Torrent Pharma Azona Geodon, GENERIC Ziprasidone that disorder; happen illness symptoms usually brain.ziprasidone take increase schizophrenia condition. low used episodes by continue it a and you in help day your excited take of to it may of not exactly it loss ask of treat with is twice may that life, or your to (a disease doctor dose.ziprasidone of and activity causes at of on together) control directions doctor.your same and as your class episodes carefully, part to and doctor dose often not without or do depression of mixed gradually stop of to it medications mania of than to less emotions). strong interest around prescribed cure any day. mouth. the causes a to thinking, times (symptoms the more a understand. you abnormal comes works episodes treat depressive you your in your called symptoms doctor. do prescription take ziprasidone but in a a talking is or every of irritated substances start on taking not ziprasidone if mania well. is or by episodes ziprasidone ziprasidone mood) or certain explain it capsule will changing mania, disorder more with do (frenzied, the depression, your not patients (manic used food. natural mental or ziprasidone the follow also take in other label and even the abnormally moods). taken of take as feel atypical inappropriate ziprasidone unusual directed. your pharmacist by take antipsychotics. that is ziprasidone or disturbed bipolar Geodon, GENERIC Ziprasidone
AZORAN RPG LIFE AZORAN Imuran, Imuzat, Azathioprine used drugs kidney also it rheumatoid arthritis. of used with treat severe other is to prevent transplants. rejection to Imuran, Imuzat, Azathioprine
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